Kitchens and Cupboards

Our quality makes the difference!  This is not just a statement, but truly a fact.  The Golden Choice mark of quality is our mark in quality kitchens.  We cover the full service of Kitchens and Home carpentry.  Have your whole home designed and built to suit the dream that you have dreamed for years.  Our team is dedicated to making your dreams come true.

We also have a pre-built option available if you would like to use you own carpenter to install your kitchen or cupboards.  See from our catalog what your needs are and get your order delivered to your door.  You will still enjoy the Golden Choice Quality Workmanship.


Full Kitchens & Cupboards

From room to room you want your matching or unique cupboards.  Come and choose your finishing and pre designed cupboards and units to be built in our factory.  Wardrobes, dressing units, bedroom finishing whatever you need!


Pre Built Kitchens

Get your kitchen pre built in our factory and get your own handyman to fit your kitchen.  This way you are saving a large amount on designing fitting fees.  You still get the quality built units.  Only the fitment guarantee is not added in this package.


Doors and Granite Tops

We have a large library of doors and granite tops that we have experience in manufacturing.  All we need is all your sizes and your choice of doors and trimmings.  We looking forward to manufacturing your pre assembled doors and granite tops.



We believe that we add value in everything we do and our ceilings and bulkheads supply and installation service is no different.  You can have the same trimming quality that is carried by your Kitchen.


Garage Doors

When you are in need of Garage Doors, give us a call.  We supply and install top quality garage doors from roll up steel doors to wooden doors.  All the products carry Golden Choices guaranteed workmanship and stamp of quality.


Shop Fittings

Customers return when they see style and quality and that is what you would get in our shop trimming solutions.  We supply a full range of trendy and effective shop trimming that is back by our carpentry experience.